Introducing Pilot’s Altimeter: The best app for aviators seeking an altimeter that works just like in a real aircraft; harnessing the power of your Apple Watch’s barometer and classic dial display to give you an authentic experience. Whether you are a novice pilot or a seasoned pro, make Pilot’s Altimeter your go-to training tool or wrist companion. Student pilots can gain a deeper understanding of traditional pressure altimeters before taking flight.

To Use:

Set the current pressure setting at your location in the Kollsman Window using the digital crown. This can be found by looking up the METAR at your closest airport or if you know your current elevation you can set that altitude on the dial. As a last resort you can get your GPS altitude from your phone or watch and set this on the dial. Once the altimeter is set to the local pressure, the dial will update to display your current altitude as it changes.

Changes in weather throughout the day or traveling a large distance will change the local pressure so be sure to update the setting frequently to get the most accurate results.

Updates to the barometer data can be delayed in certain conditions. Pilot’s Altimeter has implemented an escalating warning system to notify you of stale barometer readings:

  • Yellow BARO Warning: The barometer data is older than 5 seconds.
  • Orange BARO Warning: The barometer data is older than 15 seconds.
  • Red BARO Warning: The barometer data is older than 30 seconds.
  • Red Flashing BARO Warning: The barometer data is older than 60 seconds.
  • Anytime the barometer data is more than 15 seconds, the seconds will be shown in the upper right.

Accuracy Disclaimer:

The barometers in your Apple Watch are highly accurate but are not calibrated to the standards of the altimeters found in real aircraft. Additionally, due to how the Apple Watch provides this data to applications there can be a delay between readings. Lastly, being an electronic device with very small sensors there are more failure modes than analog altimeters. Pilot’s Altimeter makes every effort to make it clear to the user how reliable the data being displayed is, however it is no substitute for real instruments and should not be used as a primary or even secondary flight device.